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Crushing machine ЗД-1700-3

High-performance crusher for corn, root crops, corn cobs..

General Information:

  • Category: Household-appliances
  • Section: Crushing machines
  • Model: ЗД-1700-3
  • Manufacturer: UralEleketro

Crushing machine ЗД-1700-3

  • Copper winding motor
  • Superior knife
  • Overload protection

Corn-crusher is designed for crushing electric grain (wheat, rye, barley, etc.) and root crops intended for feeding animals.

Also, the model HT-1700-3 has the function of crushing corncobs.

Power consumption:1700 W
Frequency:50/60 Hz
Productivity:Seed: 250 kg / hr of corn: 80 kg / hour
Lattice filter:4 pcs
Housing material:iron
Dimensions:45x30,5x35,5 see
Net / Gross Weight:19 kg / 20 kg

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