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Gidrofor НС-1100-00

The best solution for the water supply to the house, garden, garden..

General Information:

  • Category: Pumping Equipment
  • Section: Hydrophores
  • Model: НС-1100-00
  • Manufacturer: UralEleketro

Gidrofor НС-1100-00

  • Copper winding motor
  • brass impeller
  • The rotor and the nut of stainless steel
  • Pressure switch and pressure gauge
  • flexible hose
  • Electroplating tank cap to prevent corrosion

Self-priming centrifugal pump (pressure tank) is designed to supply clean water without abrasive particles of impurities, and temperature less than 60 ? C.

Hydrophore able to pump the water horizontally for long distances (more than 100 m), i.e. supply water from reservoirs located at a considerable distance from the places of water use.

Power:1100 W
Mains voltage:220-240
Frequency:50/60 Hz
Tank capacity:24 liters
Capacity:80 liters / min
Maximum height of post:55 m
The depth of the water intake:9 m
Power cord length:1.5 m
Dimensions:cm 45h31,5h53,5
Net / Gross Weight:19.2 kg / 19.7 kg

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