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UralEleketro in Ukraine - from the traditions of excellence

Welcome to the site of the official representative of the brand "UralEleketro" in Ukraine. If you are looking for a good power tools, garden and household appliances, no doubt, your best bet will be the products of TM UralEleketro. Power tools and various appliances of our brand enjoys a high demand for the Ukrainian market. If you - a businessman, our products will be key to the success of your trade. Range of products TM "UralEleketro" continuously expanding. To date, our products are brand is represented in the following categories: agricultural commodities, pumping equipment, power tools, garden machinery, power machinery. All products "UralEleketro" have a high build quality, long service life and at the same affordable price. If you want to buy our products in bulk, or call pishiet us - we will be happy to cooperate.

Products per page:

Generator УралЭлектро ГБО-2800-DT
Electric jigsaw УралЭлектро ЛЭ-900-DT
Electric jigsaw УралЭлектро ЛЭЛ-910-DT
Screwdriver power УралЭлектро ШС-550-DT
Angle grinder УралЭлектро УШМ-1100-DT
Angle grinder УралЭлектро УШМР-1500-DT
Delta multiple tool УралЭлектро РУ-350-DT
Perforator УралЭлектро ПЭ-1250-DT
Electric drill УралЭлектро ДЭ-600-DT
Percussion drill electric УралЭлектро ДЭУ-850-DT
Percussion drill electric УралЭлектро ДЭУ-980-DT
Heat gun УралЭлектро ФТ-2000-DТ
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