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Separator СМ-19-DT

High-milk separator - a good assistant in the household..

General Information:

  • Category: Household-appliances
  • Section: Separators
  • Model: СМ-19-DT
  • Manufacturer: UralEleketro

Separator СМ-19-DT

  • Low fat content in skimmed milk.
  • Automatic shut-off in case of overload.
  • Non-slip suction feet.

The separator has a pleasing to the eye 'home' appearance , combining amber body with a yellowish tint white bowl slubber . Separator body and bowl are made of plastic , drum plates - stainless steel .

Bowl capacity is slubber 8 liters , enough for the household.

Rotational speed of the drum is about 12000 / min , and this causes the performance of the separator the milk - 100 l / h

The fat content in skimmed milk - only 0.05 % , which is very practical . The adjustment range of cream to volume ratio is 1:4 draw - 1:10 .

Time of continuous operation of the separator is 60 minutes, then needed a break from work for 30 minutes. The separator is protected with an automatic overload shutdown .

Sucker - slip feet prevent accidental movement of the separator and make it very stable during operation.

Power:200 W
Material drum plates:stainless steel
Drum speed:1:12000 min
Performance on milk:100 l / h
Bowl slubber:8l
Free running time:60 min; pause - 30 min.
The adjustment range of volume ratios of cream to draw:1:4-1:10
Cord Length:1m
Net / gross weight:2.5 / 3 kg
Size:330h330h235 mm

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